There is to be a change of Trustees of MERF (England & Wales) as of 1st August 2022. We thank the former trustees and members of the Support Committee for their faithful support of our work over many, many years and wish them the Lord’s blessing.

The members leaving the Support Committee are:

Rev. David George (Maesycwmmer)
Mr. Benjamin George (Port Talbot)
Mr. Richard Hall (Loughborough)
Rev. Gareth James (Doncaster)
Mr. Huw Jones (Llanelli)
Rev. Sulwyn Jones (Swansea)
Mr. John Lodge (Hayes)
Mr. Graham Lodge (Dubai)
Rev. Joseph Pettitt (Loughborough)
Mr. Hugh Pollington (Willingdon)
Rev. Bruce Powell (Newport)
Mr. David Wilks (London)

Please pray for the new Trustees. We warmly welcome them as they take up their new role and thank them for their willingness

to serve. The Support Committee will be:

Rev. Timothy Burden (Eastbourne)
Rev. Stephen Dancer (Solihull)
Rev. Douglas McCallum (Cambridge)
Mr. John McClean (N. Ireland)
Mr. David Umpleby (Banbury)
Rev. Iain Wright (Illinois, USA)

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