Beirut Disaster Relief

Beirut Disaster Relief

The Beirut Disaster Relief Appeal is now closed. Thank you for your prayers and support. Please read below for an update.

On 4th August 2020, a devastating explosion in the port of Beirut killed hundreds of people
and injured many thousands. The blast destroyed thousands of homes and rendered many
others uninhabitable, making 300,000 people homeless.

With the support of your generous giving, MERF has been working to support its partners in the Lebanon Reformed Fellowship as they respond to this crisis.

Damaged Tower Blocks Beirut

We are truly grateful to MERF supporters in England and Wales who have donated more than £60,000 to relieve the distress of people impacted by the explosion that devastated a huge part of Beirut City on 4th August 2020.

In wonderful ways, the Lord has been turning this tragedy to His glory. The MERF team in Lebanon quickly organized volunteers from faithful churches to help in the clean-up and to assess needs, and, within weeks of the disaster, more than 1200 households were directly touched by MERF’s emergency diaconal aid in Beirut. Thousands of meals have been provided, and more than 500 homes have been repaired and furnished. Medication has been supplied and, because of the on-going global pandemic, face-masks and sanitisers have been supplied to those we have served.

Each household receiving help was reached personally by our team members, who shared with empathy their mutual losses, and the message of hope in Christ. Each received a Bible or a booklet of our Reformed catechism. It is very encouraging that a number of these now attend Bible studies. In coming weeks, each will be followed-up through sending them copies of our magazine and inviting them to our spiritual events and meetings.

MERF diaconal ministries are carried out according to biblical principles as part and parcel of Word ministries. This is detailed in MERF’s manual available here:

Thank you for your prayer & support!