Mission Fields

MERF works in many countries across the Arab and Muslim countries of the Middle East, but also works further afield throughout Northern & Western Africa, as well as Pakistan and Indonesia.

Our missionaries serve in diverse and contrasting communities; sharing the gospel by different means and in different circumstances, but all of them are united in their goal which is to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

MERF serves in countries across Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

These pages will give you an overview of the work of MERF throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia. If you would like to request further information about the work of MERF you can do this from our contact page.

Syria Summary Image
Mary Jajour – Syria
Arabic Media Ministry
Pakistan Summary Image
Obed Moris – Pakistan
Cyprus Summary Image
Gurnam Singh – Cyprus
Lebanon Summary Image
Samuel Kharrat – Lebanon
Ethiopia Summary Image
Zemen Endale – Ethiopia
MERF Summary Image
Victor Atallah – General Director (MERF)
Lokichoggio Summary Image
Pastor Peter Makuac – Kenya
Indonesia Summary Image
Armin Sukri – Indonesia