Arabic Media Ministry

Arabic Media Ministry

The internet has become a major means which the Lord is using to reach Muslim people. Wonderfully, it enables people to read the Scriptures in countries where possessing a Bible is prohibited. Moreover, through websites, e-mail, social media and text messaging many more doors have been opened for ministry to many more people. Increasing numbers of MERF workers are now trained to engage in these ministries, and are reaching many people – not only in the Middle East but anywhere people can access the internet.

Approximately two-thirds of the Arab population is under thirty-six years of age, and are very familiar with modern means of communication. The Arabic ministry teams are in the forefront of using these means for gospel proclamation, using themes in tune with the questions, concerns, and aspirations of younger people.

The Arabic ministry website is called “Dardasha”(Chatting). Linking the radio broadcasts to the website has attracted many to the “Dardasha 7 Forum” to discuss in more detail the subjects raised in the broadcasts. In recent years there has been a continuous rapid expansion in the number of serious seekers from countries like Algeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, the Palestinian West Bank, and Egypt.

The website also enables people to read and download the Arabic Bible (which is not widely available otherwise). Also, a sizeable number of relevant books and articles in Arabic designed to help Muslims understand the Christian faith are available from the site.

"I am now a believer in Christ and spend as much time every day reading the Bible. Thank you for the material on the website. It is very helpful to my growth." - M. from Cairo