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Zemen Endale | Ethiopia

Zemen Endale is an Ethiopian Christian Pastor, supported by MERF, and based close to the capital city, Addis Ababa. Zemen works with Christians throughout Ethiopia, preaching the Gospel and training Pastors.

Zemen’s oversees and works in a number ministries across Ethiopia.


 Evangelistic programmes are broadcast throughout the country three days a week in the nation’s three main languages; Afar Oromo, Amharic and Somali. These programs are used to support and build up the Christians, as well as presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ to those who are as yet strangers to the Gospel.



One of Zemen’s main areas of work is to translate Christian materials into the local languages and dialects of the Ethiopian people. The Christian Pastors in the church often have few resources in their own language and these translations of Christian literature are therefore of great value.


MERF supports two training courses for Pastors, their wives and Christian workers in Ethiopia. Approximately 90% of Pastors are untrained and largely uneducated men and these opportunities for training are therefore invaluable for these men and their congregations.

21 Days Training: This training course follows the Augustine Teaching Programme which has been developed by MERF to offer a syllabus for training Christian workers in reformed theology. The three weeks of training offers an intense period of improvement for the Pastors and provides a range of supporting materials to equip the Pastors on the return to their congregations.

3 Day Seminars: This shorter training opportunity is better suited for those Pastors who are unable to leave their homes, churches and families for such an extended period of time. The seminars offer a quick introduction to preaching and theology in order to meet the needs of these much valued Christian workers. 

Muslim Converts: Zemen has begun, in recent months, to develop training opportunities and materials for those who have recently converted to Christianity from Muslim backgrounds. 


MERF supports a range of aid works within Ethiopia. This aid is distributed to Muslim converts who have often been disowned by their families. Aid is also distributed to Christian workers who serve in the poorer rural areas of the country in order to support and encourage them in their ministries.

Please pray for the work in Ethiopia

– For the Lord to raise up workers to preach and teach the Gospel

– For the Lord to bless the preaching of the Gospel

РPlease particularly pray for those Christians who have been converted from Muslim backgrounds