Farsi Ministries

Farsi Ministries

MERF Farsi Ministries

MERF operates a Farsi ministry website, reaching out to Iranians, Afghans, and Tajikistanis with the gospel. The Farsi ministry has two websites called Shadkami and Roshdino. These host audio files of our Farsi radio broadcasts, together with books and articles expounding selections of the Scriptures. Through its websites, e-mail, social media and text messaging, the Farsi ministry team is able to be in direct contact with many people from countries closed to other forms of gospel ministry.

Please pray for the Farsi ministries

– For new opportunities to share to Gospel in the Farsi language

– For wisdom as Rahi & Lili as they seek to share the good news of Jesus

– That more people will be brought into contact with Rahi & Lili