Rahi Soltani | Farsi Ministries

MERF supports workers to provide Christian literature and radio programs in the Farsi language to bring the good news of Jesus to Iranians around the world.

Rahi Soltani is supported by MERF in his work, translating Christian materials into the Farsi language, as well as offering pastoral support to Iranians who have been displaced around the world; leading many of them to know Jesus Christ.

Rahi explored many of the world’s religions, seeking for greater meaning, peace and understanding in his life. A chance meeting outside of a McDonalds with a lady who offered him a Christian tract, ultimately led to Rahi hearing the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Rahi is now based in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the United States of America, where he and his wife Lili deliver a number of ministries in the Farsi language.

TRANSLATIONS| MERF supports the translation of Christian materials into Farsi. These materials are used to share the gospel message with Farsi speakers, and also as a means to build up Christians to grow in grace to support their ministries.

FARSI WEBSITE & RADIO BROADCASTS| Rahi and his wife Lili began their ministries by seeking to simply share the gospel with their friends and families. They now, however, run two websites which provide a range of written and spoken resources to preach the gospel into Farsi speaking homes around the world. The two websites – Roshdino & Shadkami – provide a range of resources to promote Christian messages in a direct and indirect way. 

BIBLE STUDY| MERF also supports Rahi and Lili as they meet with Farsi speaking people who are beginning to ask questions and seek for more information about Christianity. These Bible Studies are an opportunity to open God’s Word and speak in a very personal way with those who are seeking to know more about Jesus.

Please pray for the Farsi ministries

– For new opportunities to share to Gospel in the Farsi language

– For wisdom as Rahi & Lili as they seek to share the good news of Jesus

– That more people will be brought into contact with Rahi & Lili